3 Steps to LEAP from personal ANXIETY to professional ACHIEVEMENT!

Do you ever feel like your ‘wings’ are clipped because personal anxiety is getting in the way of professional achievement?

*Have you ever felt so uptight you couldn’t find the right words?
*So confused you couldn’t think clearly to make a decision?
*That overwhelmed you felt frozen? 

Well… Now it’s time to FLY! Flying - risk 2

You might wonder how much this ‘state of struggle’ detracts from personal wellbeing and professional productivity and that could be costing you profit.

I spent much of my life in a quiet state of ‘heightened anxiety’ because I didn’t realise the effect of some ‘significant emotional events’ in my life. You see, that’s how your [beliefs and attitudes] your values are formed; values formed for a very good reason at the time, and not now.

“When problems arise in life or business, 9/10 times the cause is not knowing how values work and the solution is to acknowledge their strengths and benefits.”   
Christopher Howard – Entrepreneur & Wealth Strategist

Subconsciously, I was playing-out ‘hard-wired’ negative thought-patterns, learned long ago. Even though I had accomplished good things, unknowingly I was held back by ‘old-patterns.’  Might that be you too?

I want you to know, you can change that!

“Imagine a world where we feel safe, respected and appreciated.”   Simon Sinek

happy business team group jumping for success

Do you know you have a whole set of untapped strengths sitting right there, in your neurology?

At MBL we call your untapped resources your SIGNATURE STRENGTHS™ because they are unique to you. They can be the catalyst to create rapid, transformational change in your personal life and professional potential.

Now for your 3 steps to unleash those strengths and leap ahead:

Step 1: ACKNOWLEDGE some things are tough because you deserve that to be recognised.
Step 2: APPRECIATE your ‘state and attitude’ can change and I want you to know how.
Step 3: RESPECT that anything less than being the best of who you are isn’t respectful and to move away from being ‘in effect’ of any negative experience, towards being ‘at cause’ in the best way you can… is respectful of you and all you deserve.

Why wait to rediscover and acknowledge your potential ?

The breakthrough in my life and career was during my Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner Master’s study. It was a story shared by Christopher Howard – CEO -Wealth Strategist and my NLP coach, that was the breakthrough for me.

Chris’ story lead to my study of Sociologist, Morris Massey’s wonderful work, where I learned the psychology of how values really work.

That’s why at MBL, we acknowledge and identify your values as SIGNATURE STRENGTHS™ because YOUR STRENGTHS ARE UNIQUE.

WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER to affect your professional achievement and that of your employees, TRULY MATTERS, doesn’t it.

If you’re a Business Leader who really cares about your business [and I’m sure that includes the wellbeing and productivity of your employees] I’d love to talk with you about how the Signature Strengths Program Performance Program can help ‘grow’ your people and your business.

Discover how Signature Strengths ™ improve productivity and increase profit in your business:

The Signature Strengths® Performance Program

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