3 Tasty Bites To ‘Flavour’… Communication, Collaboration and Change!

Published on August 6, 2017 – Part #1 of #4


Firstly, let me clarify if this information might be of value to you…


You’re an intelligent professional who’s often required to present information, aren’t you… and if you could positively engage and genuinely influence others even more effectively, I assume that’s exactly what you want.

So, let’s explore 3 ways you can be highly influential…


  1. Acknowledge how much you know (Intelligence-IQ) because that activates the ‘driver’ of your (Emotional Intelligence-EQ) …the depth of passion behind your knowledge. Name the usual ‘topic- content’, then explore synonyms. Notice how your language expands to deliver engaging expression. You’ll surprise yourself and your audience because of the shift in quality and confidence of your Communication!
  2. Share a piece of your history (that’s it; a snippet of who you are, as yet unknown). Integrate it with the intention to show how your personal experience impacted your professionalism. Notice how your experience is appreciated and builds stronger interpersonal relationships.
  3. Disclose a ‘mutual mistake’… one that caused you, and perhaps others, misery. Share how it affected you and most importantly, how you overcame the problem. Notice that because you’ve ‘bonded on common-ground’, respect can grow to create a level of rapport, never before experienced!

Your ability to Communicate, Collaborate and manage Change are 3 of the most powerful components to determine personal wellbeing and professional success.

Each weekend for the next 4 weeks I’ll share another 3 steps, allowing you time to seriously consider how much expertise you’ve yet to share, and how you might expand your expertise to achieve your desired outcomes.

Just so you know a little about me and why I founded MBL®; may I share 3 of my genuine beliefs with you?

  • I believe you have more to offer than you’re allowing yourself and others to experience.
  • I believe that each of us (at times) wonder how we might increase our potential.
  • I believe that if you’ve been wondering about your potential, you’re acknowledging you have more to offer and activating your desire to know more about how to discover that.

Can I ask you to consider how you’d feel to discover untapped potential, overcome any ‘sticking point’ and communicate with greater confidence?

MBL’s distinctive processes help you identify your Signature Strengths® because when you decide to ‘bring out the very best in you’, you know you have the choice to ‘pay it forward’ and help others ‘Move Beyond Limitationsand flourish.

The work of Sociologist-Morris Massey is respected by MBL because it proves that ‘Significant Emotional Events’ in life can often create negative values (attitudes and beliefs). These have the potential to form ‘unproductive’ repeated, thought patterns.

The liberating fact is that Identifying your Signature Strengths® will unleash positive and authentic core-values, learned long before any ‘interruptive’ life experience.

Patterns formed from negative experiences can overshadow the ability to use intelligence and diminish greater levels of wellbeing and achievement. It’s inspirational to know that we can choose to remind ourselves to unleash a wealth of influential Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in untapped strengths.

Having greater confidence and capacity to ‘deliver’ in these 3 essentials of Communication, Collaboration and Change  help you experience significant improvement in wellbeing and professional achievement.

  • If you can do these 3 things alone, wonderful… these are my gift to remind
  • If you feel there’s something stopping you… please allow yourself to say
  • If you’d like to know about a distinctive program to help unleash more of the valuable resource you already own, consider the benefit of making the call to ask… your conversation is complimentary and confidential.

What if your Signature Strengths® were the catalyst to help… ‘grow you and grow your business?’

I’d appreciate your comment and welcome your questions.

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