3 Tasty Bites ‘To Flavour’ Your Communication for Collaboration and Change – part #2 – #Mentors #Meetings and #Motivation

Now that you’ve considered the first ‘3 Bites’ in Part #1 to flavour your personal and business growth, let’s talk about how #Mentors #Meetings and #Motivation can help Collaboration!

To introduce the next ‘3 Bites’ I must say with utmost sincerity, I’m eternally grateful for the invaluable support I’ve had from many wise and trusted Mentors throughout my career.

Intelligent professionals know it’s of prime importance to associate with who you believe are the right, like-minded and interesting individuals who support and challenge your thinking so you can be even more influential…

There’s no ‘one or right’ way to do this, and I can only imagine to learn, grow and excel professionally, is exactly what you want. I’d love to hear your questions and your results when you apply these next inspirational ‘Bites’ to ‘flavour’ your personal and professional growth…

So, let’s explore 3 distinct ways you can Collaborate for influence…

  1. #Mentors – Seek to meet wise, trusted advisors who appreciate that you are genuinely prepared to ‘Move Beyond Limitations.’
    Seek and approach whoever you’ve chosen with respect and say exactly why you’ve chosen them and what you ask of them; that is, based on your research, they may well be ‘like-minded’ and have valuable experience to give you the cutting-edge feedback required to establish your ‘Point of Difference.’ Be as clear as possible about who you are, and why you do what you do. Notice… exactly who comes to mind and the response to your passion and purpose.

  1. #Meetings – Prepare well. Show you believe in what you have to offer and present it as well as you possibly can. Ask to share your concept and listen carefully to their response. Express that you genuinely value their feedback and ensure them you’ll act on it.
    Believe you have a worthwhile proposition and ask for their time. Yes, you can even propose a 3 -point contact: an initial presentation, response to their feedback and final appraisal… We call this a 3-point ‘convincer’ where you choose to be accountable in a 3-step process to pace and lead your progress. Notice… the mentor response to your dedication and commitment to update your progress on their recommendations.
  2. #Motivation – Developing your authoritative expression of thought-leadership comes from self-belief, meeting with ‘like-minded’ professionals who share similar values (attitudes and beliefs) and ‘raising the bar’ of your accountability. Self-belief is the foundation for self-leadership and self-management. Pay close attention to their valuable feedback.

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions!” Ken Blanchard – Management Expert

‘WARNING’ be prepared that accepting feedback may be tough and yet, if we think this way, there’s no ‘failure’ because it’s what you do with that feedback that truly counts. Notice… how you speak begin to speak with authenticity and your body-language changes to quietly express confidence and competence because you’re becoming more discerning about who you are and what you do.

“85% of your success is due to communication.” Carnegie Institute.
“It’s how you communicate to collaborate with others, that really counts.” Karelynne Randall-Signature Strengths® Specialist

The key to quality communication is how you perceive yourself and your ‘self-talk.’

So many people are held back by subconscious, limiting beliefs and it’s these beliefs that contrary to your conscious thinking, colour your ‘presentation.’

How we form our values (attitudes and beliefs) is a little known and very straightforward process. Learning of Sociologist Morris Massey’s work was my breakthrough in self-communication. At the outset of my studies as a Master Neurolinguistic Practitioner (NLP), his work was the catalyst to design the Signature Strengths® process at MBL® to help others ‘Move Beyond Limitations.’

Everyone deserves the opportunity to be well and flourish.

The value of knowing your Signature Strengths® to influence how you feel, how you present and how you practise self-leadership… that is, the strength of who you really are… is priceless.

Next week I’ll share another 3 steps, allowing you time to seriously consider how you can apply these ‘bites’ to help you grow and grow your business, because you have so much expertise yet to share; to expand your expertise and achieve your desired outcomes.

Please remember…

  • I believe you have more to offer than you’re allowing yourself and others to experience.
  • I believe that each of us (at times) wonder how we might increase our potential?
  • I believe that if you’ve been wondering about your potential, you’re acknowledging you have more to offer and activating your desire to know more about how to discover that.

What’s truly important is that you believe in you.

If you’re a dedicated professional who’d like to know more about the Signature Strengths® process and how MBL coaching might help you achieve what you desire and deserve, I welcome your call.

The fact is that identifying your Signature Strengths® is liberating, inspiring and motivational. Are you ready to unleash a wealth of influential Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and untapped strengths?

  • If you can do these 3 things alone, wonderful… these are my gift to remind you.
  • If you feel there’s something stopping you… please allow yourself to say so.
  • If you’d like to know about a distinctive program to help unleash more of the valuable resource you already own, consider the benefit of making the call to ask… your conversation is complimentary and confidential.

Thank you to everyone who messaged valuable feedback about your use of the ‘3Tasty Bites’, and your questions about exactly how these strategies might work in your favour.

What if your Signature Strengths® were the catalyst to help ‘grow you and grow your business?’ MBL works with Business Leaders and their teams to help personalities flourish and businesses thrive.

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