About MBL


“Being open to personal growth for self-leadership elevates wellbeing, productivity and potential. 

My delight is to help you and your employees thrive and,

see your organisation flourish.”

Karelynne Randall

Out of deeply personal life-experience I realised that identifying your most influential strengths can be not only inspirational, it can be life-saving. Knowing how to identify your undiscovered strengths is exciting and, knowing how to apply them to support your personal life-journey and professional achievement, is liberating.

Strength of personality, is one of the most powerful tools (you actually own) to positively impact how you lead your life and approach work.

In MBL coaching I use the neuro-science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). These powerful language strategies, help identify your Signature Strengths® (innate qualities), to unleash your potential.

What is it ‘costing’ you and / or your organisation not to identify the attributes that can be powerful ‘drivers’ for improved communication, collaboration and change-management?

These 3 skill-sets help reduce anxiety, stress and overwhelm, to improve motivation and enhance productivity. You can truly transform your quality of life and, your career potential.

My customised coaching-continuum (ongoing individual and specialised support) helps you and your employees, move beyond personal and professional challenges, with solutions and choices to realise ambitions. Lets’ celebrate that!


About Karelynne Randall | Founder, MBL Consultancy

I help Young People, Adults and Business Professionals understand ‘how values work, and their benefits’; to break through personal barriers, manage life-challenges and flourish professionally.

As an Educator, Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) and Coach, I partner with you, your family and your employees to…

  • Inspire self-leadership, to motivate achievement
  • Influence career growth and sustain business development, with the highest intention to
  • Invigorate better service to you, your families and our community.

Reflecting on your story (how your values formed) will fascinate, and that’s because ‘we are who we are through our experience of significant emotional events in our lives.’ (Prof. Morris Massey – Sociologist)  Within your control is to pay attention to the memory of positive events and, bring these strengths forward. These are your Signature Strengths® and, they can serve you right now!

DrSueCurtisKarelynne’s knowledge about how subconscious limitations negatively affect personal wellbeing and professional achievement takes her NLP expertise to a whole new level!
She helps you create a unique, enormously valuable resource for behavioural change and business growth.
Karelynne’s professional and ethical standards are exceptional.”

When I’m not working …

I love animals (not spiders!) I delight in artistic expression, nature’s beauty and travel. Most importantly, I’m grateful for love of family, fabulous friends and gracious mentors.

“My greatest achievement in life is my son.”   Jacki Weaver | Actress

“I love you Fletcher.”  Always my ‘BEAUTIFUL BOY.’    Karelynne Randall – John Lennon.