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‘‘Being open to personal growth for self-leadership elevates wellbeing, productivity and potential.  My delight will be to help you and your organisation, move from wherever you are, to wherever you want be!”
Karelynne Randall

MBL-Integrity Solutions Centre coaching is distinctly values-based to identify your most influential strengths. This facet of your personality can positively influence your personal wellbeing, enhance professional performance and elevate business growth.

Our coaching is supported by the neuro-science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP),  because these powerful strategies, will help you identify your Signature Strengths®.

Your Signature Strengths become ‘drivers’ for self-leadership by improving communication, increasing collaboration and facilitating change-management.

These 3 key-skills help alleviate stress, improve motivation and enhance productivity to  influence your career potential, and transform your quality of life.

MBL’s customised coaching, seminars and workshops help you and your employees, move through and beyond life’s challenges, to realise your ambitions.


About Karelynne Randall | Founder, MBL Consultancy

I acknowledge the power of identifying your ‘core values’ as Signature Strengths®  to manage adversity, move forward and flourish, in being who you are.

Knowing your strengths greatly influences your thinking, wellbeing and quality of communication to enrich your personal capability and enhance your professionalism.

As an Educator, Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP), Business Communication Specialist and Presenter, I partner with highly motivated professionals to deliver programs that inspire self-leadership, motivate educational achievement and influence sustainable business growth.

MBL’s leading-edge strategies  promote excellence in human behaviourand my accountability is to help you discover even more about, ‘the best in you!’

As progressively or as rapidly as you like, you can begin long-lasting personal and professional transformation. 


DrSueCurtis“Karelynne’s professional and ethical standards are exceptional.”


Personal development is key to your wellbeing and prosperity.

What if you decide to realise you can do so much more and achieve so much more than you think? How much difference might that make to you and others!

 It’s time now to share life-changing strategies and processes with you.

Discover new levels of wellbeing, productivity and prosperity – for you, your family and your business.


When I’m not working …

Meeting people and hearing your story is what fascinates me. I love animals (not spiders!) I delight in artistic expression, nature’s beauty and travel. Most importantly, I’m grateful for love of family, fabulous friends and gracious mentors.

“My greatest achievement in life is my son.”
Jacki Weaver | Actress
“I love you Fletcher.”  Always my ‘BEAUTIFUL BOY’  Karelynne Randall – John Lennon.