TIME TO TELL… and it’s not all about me.

When I share IT’S ABOUT YOU TOO because now YOU CAN CHOOSE to Move Beyond Limitations so much earlier and quicker that I did.

Go ahead and read to see what you think…

*Is it uncomfortable to say I’ve been at breaking point… Yes.
I was embarrassed that it t took me so long to figure out why – :-(
*Has it happened to me a number of times… Yes.
Probably so I’d ‘get the life-lessons’ – OUCH.
*Is it time to share the secret behind MBL so you might benefit too… Yes!

The experience that moved me from BREAKING POINT to BREAKTHROUGH came during a life-long journey to ‘make sense of me’, to appreciate what I’ve learned through survival and reclaim my true identity.

It was at the outset of my studies in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), where I heard my teacher and mentor Christopher Howard share his ‘Kitten Story’… more later.

At that moment my patterns of deep grief, intense anxiety and absolute fear, made sense. Most importantly I realised that my subconscious, hard-wired beliefs were from certain values I’d formed and they were debilitating and controlling my life.

Are you sometimes unaware of why ‘things aren’t working out’ in life or at work?

Well, it’s not all your fault and it certainly warrants your responsibility to pay attention to the feedback about what’s happening and work out a solution.

You see, confusion happens because most likely you’re ‘playing out old patterns’ and when you become aware of how your values form, you realise some learned patterns are really not productive.

So, at that point I realised I could take control and stop re-playing those patterns. Don’t let your patterns interfere with your happiness and achievement!

That’s the truth about why I formed MBL… and the basis for my body-of-work about Moving Beyond Limitations.

MBL logo-Square Red 2016

The reversed ‘B’ in MBL Consultancy’s logo is a visual reminder to ‘Turn your Back on Limitations’ and move away from being ‘in effect’ of interruptive circumstances and move towards being ‘at cause’ in life and work.

The effect of ‘significant emotional events’ in life create beliefs… that’s why I thought Nuns dressed in long habits were like Daleks on wheels!
In all seriousness that happened at a dreadful time and yet, Nuns became a great influence in my life and I now know they don’t have wheels!

Seriously, your values and attitudes form your behaviours and the best of your core-values are yours to use as ‘Signature Strengths™.’

MBL’s work offers leading-edge strategies based in neuro-science and I acknowledge the works of Sociologist Morris Massey to share with you how you can reclaim all you are, before any ‘interruptive’ life event because the effect on your wellbeing, confidence and capability is amazing.

Signature Strengths™ can be your ‘drivers’ for wellbeing, personal achievement and business success!

Is my story like yours? Yes and no… because ‘story’ is relative to the individual person and context. Whatever that is, it’s absolutely important to you and your circumstances. Be that ‘upset’ or ‘trauma.’

Whatever isn’t good for us isn’t, right? And what is good is good, right?

Even though I am a survivor I hadn’t acknowledged that, hence the constant inner-struggle because of re-played patterns. What a relief to understand why you feel the way do and how liberating to know you can choose how you really want to THINK, BE AND DO!

Let’s not live ‘in effect’ of any negative experience , let’s not focus on what might have been or is ‘interruptive’ in your life and let’s focus on who you really are, to be ‘at cause’ in life.
It’s right, proper and you seriously deserve to have your struggle acknowledged, to have others ‘bear witness’ to the fact that the event/s you experienced were definitely ‘interruptive’ and then for greater good, you can identify your Signature Strengths to be all you desire and deserve.

That’s why MBL Consultancy works with leaders in education and business to help you identify your strengths to be CONFIDENT, RESILIENT and PERSISTENT…

To help with COMMUNICATION, COLLABORATION and CHANGE, that will enhance how you operate in the world and excel in what you do.

“If you don’t have knowledge about the strength of who you are, and persistence to be that, then no amount of education, talent or genius can make up for it.” Karelynne Randall – Adapted from Stephen Richards-Mind Power Author.

About Karelynne Randall

Thank you for ‘listening’ to a little of my story and please know I share in no way to impress, and yet I deliberately intend to impress upon you, the personal power and professional achievement gained from knowing who you are… your Signature Strengths™ and how this revelation can transform your life.
I mentioned I could share with you more about the influence of ‘The Kitten’ story and how that was the catalyst to create MBL … I can and I welcome the opportunity to address leaders and their teams, to share how you can identify your Signature Strengths™ to Move Beyond Limitations.

Your comments and questions are most welcome because together, we can make a huge difference.