Ever had ‘BIG TEARS’?

Yep, just like this and I mean both ‘boys and girls.’

You know, the times that no-one knows about and you were feeling hopelessly sad because you were confused, anxious and completely overwhelmed.

Then, when I learned that ‘fear is the basis of all limitations’… How liberating was that!

Who would think things like procrastination and overwhelm that cause anxiety, are actually based on a hidden fear of rejection? You know, when someone once told you weren’t good enough or you simply gleaned the idea and from then on those little sayings played-out in your subconscious …

“I don’t think I can.”
“What will other people think?”
“Am I really good enough?”

These are common thoughts that are playing-out old patterns and keep you in a state of anxiety way too long, because in reality those emotions, beliefs and attitudes were formed out of past experiences and you’ve unknowingly transferred them your current situation.

Sometimes, it’s actually success we’re afraid of because we haven’t experienced it before.
“Ultimately we know deeply that on the other side of every fear, is freedom.” Marilyn Ferguson

What a ‘struggle-cycle!’ Playing-out unnecessary patterns can cease and we no longer need to forever wish we might, could or should because a change in thinking can help us strive for what we really deserve.

So struggle turned to strive because of what my Grandmother said, and it’s is true …

“Whatever you know might be little more than others. That’s valuable, so share it!’
“What others think of you… is none of your business.” Or “What you don’t know won’t hurt you!”
“Value who you are because you’ve come this far and you’ve done very well.”

Eliminating old-patterns, letting go of struggle and striving for what you want is really liberating… very few ‘Big Tears’ times for me now!

Does this ring true for you?