F.E.A.R – Frequent Engagement in Anxiety Response

Ever felt afraid or anxious?

A batch of thoughts like this with little or no resolve causes a whirlwind cycle of unnecessary anxiety and stress. 

Fear and AnxietyWhen your mind is flooded with these thoughts it’s exhausting because fear leads to anxiety and then not being able to recognise why and control the fear, can often lead to depression…
Wow, what a powerful cycle of being Frequently Engaged in Anxiety Response and what if you could be even more powerful and break the cycle?
You might not yet realise and the good news is that you have the answer right inside of you… You see fear, anxiety and depression often exist because of the beliefs and attitudes you formed around a past event or experience. As we know, those effects can range from terror, to tingling and blushing and they’re based on ‘old patterns’ of response. They surprise you at times don’t they!

The reality is the patterns that hold you back or interrupt your life aren’t applicable to the current situation, or who you are now.
Don’t get me wrong… I acknowledge those feelings were very real and most purposeful at the time. In fact they were probably protective. You know, it’s a bit like when your parents yelled because they were afraid for you, when you went too close to the burning fire or near that huge Spider!
I used to be petrified of Spiders. Now I’ve learned not to react and I keep a ‘healthy’ distance with… I hesitate to say respect, for Spiders. :-} I’m sure you have your own story!
Understanding how old-patterns hang around and play-out, elevates your mindset and when you reflect upon and choose to identify all your qualities and strengths that existed, ever before you experienced ‘that event’ can make the world of difference between REACTION and RESPONSE.
Learning to respond will make the world of difference to your wellbeing and achievement.
What would it feel like for you to break the cycle, as you can, to ‘ERASE F.E.A.R’ when it arises and feel freedom?
Erase Fear (clipping path included)

Whether it’s personal or work related, you can move beyond F.E.A.R even more strongly now because you have many times before, haven’t you!

You see… ‘All that you need, to have all that you want, is inside of you… right now everything.’
Mike Dooley – ‘Notes from The Universe’

Please allow me to share 3 liberating realisations:
• It’s OK to be afraid at times and fear doesn’t have to take-hold or linger because…
• You understand why you were afraid or anxious and you can release that because…
• Now you know it’s possible to reclaim who you were and how you thought, before any ‘interruptive event’ in your life.
We all acknowledge that challenge is inevitable and change is constant… and I’m sure you’ll agree that to let go of F.E.A.R is a real breakthrough. It has been for me and it can be empowering, motivating and liberating for you.
What personal qualities or strengths have helped you put F.E.A.R aside?