‘First, Do No Harm’…

 Isn’t that the critical essence of ethical practice in any workplace?

This statement is often associated with the ‘medical environment and personnel’ and yet, unhappiness, frustration and aggression can lead to misconduct in any environment.

I refer to an enlightening article by Neuroscientist-Dr. Bob Murray, highlighting the effect of a negative workplace.

Aggression at work can lead to ‘vicious circle’ of misconduct. A cycle of bullying begetting bullies seen in childhood has now been shown to hold-good in the workplace. New *research, carried out in the healthcare sector (and with important implications for all workplaces), reveals that frequently being the target of workplace aggression, not only affects the victim’s health but can cause them to behave badly towards others.

What the researchers say: ‘While workplace aggression has been examined in relation to the health-related consequences for victims, less is known about the possible negative impact it may have on their own behavior at work.’

The findings of this study suggest that the experience of anger and fear associated with being the target of aggression at work could lead some employees to translate the emotions that are triggered into misconduct, possibly disregarding professional and ethical codes.

Why of interest to me? That’s because ethical, values-based practice is the heart of my work and I acknowledge that life-long development of values (beliefs, attitudes and behaviours) are learned through modelling … some may not be ‘best practice’ and that mindset can be positively shifted through coaching values-based, transformational-behavioural-change.

Integrity Solutions Congruence Model… ‘Selling’ – Quality communication from healthy self-leadership, ethical leadership and quality change-management.

The notion of ‘modelling’ within professional coaching, can transform the behaviour of personnel to create wellbeing, higher employee engagement and productivity, in a thriving workplace culture.

I recognise the outstanding work of professionals and if it is (as I expect) we have a synergy in belief, a desire for ethical practice and quality outcomes for all concerned; let’s talk make that time to talk.

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*Research ref: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2018.00671/full?mc_cid=b051fa0fb5&mc_eid=251e432a24

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