How to move Business Building from… ‘Stress to Success!’

Businesses all around the world are facing challenges and the stats are the same; whether from Gallup Research, Harvard Business Review studies or internal organisational surveys. The statistics indicate that ONLY 30% of workers are actually engaged in their work.

That leaves an ENORMOUS 70% of people at work who are either disengaged, disenfranchised or… they can be in the 18% of that 70% who are actively disengaged and sabotaging their employer and workplace.

A disengaged workforce has a SIGNIFICANT impact on the business in terms of lost productivity and profits, but the impact is not only felt at work, is it.

Let’s look at ALL the ramifications of when someone is disengaged at work and how that impacts everything around them. That’s right, we’re talking about ramifications on people personally, on their family, on their community, on their country.

What are some of the ramifications that come to your mind, under all these categories?

Business: Teamwork, Customer satisfaction, Errors, Stealing, Toxic people, Intolerance, Bullying, Productivity, Profitability

Personal: Stress, Health, Unrealised goals and potential, Sense of belonging, being fired, Loss of income, Drugs, gambling, alcohol, addiction and other health-related costs

Family: Intolerance, Family violence, Unfocused on family, Irritable, Stress on family members, Health of family members, Divorce, Impact on children, Unrealised earning potential and therefore lifestyle and legacy

Community: Lower community orientation, Less available discretionary income for charities, Drugs, gambling, addiction and health costs, Less prosperity and growth

Country: All of the above for community but on a larger scale…with lack of population optimism influencing risk-taking, investing, growth and impacting the cost of all public services.

In bringing attention to these facts, I lay no blame because that’s unproductive…and I certainly want you to know that MBL-Integrity coaching is here to support you, and your business growth.

Let’s work together to turn this around…

See more in people than they can see in themselves.” Mike Esterday – Integrity Solutions®

Our intention is to help ‘grow people’, create thriving workplace cultures and sustain profitable business.

With MBL’s Signature Strengths® identification and Integrity Solutions® developmental coaching you’ll see a MEASURABLE and DIRECT IMPACT on employee engagement, reversing these ramifications, causing people to be happier, more productive and able to achieve their personal and professional goals.

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