LITTLE FOX… A Tale about Life and Work

JUST like the Little Fox, have you ever had that feeling of being so pre-occupied and determined to move ahead at work or in business that you were almost oblivious to everything else?

Being purposeful is quite okay, as long as you keep that balance of awareness, appreciation and drive… sensing all three will help maintain wellbeing and ensure results.

Wind in your ‘fur’, eyes set in concentration, stepping lightly, ‘fluffy tail’ flowing… step by step, showing your confidence, perseverance and determination to stand out and succeed.

Little Fox SmilingGet the feeling? Good isn’t it.

Just like ‘Little Fox’ you can move away from pre-occupation about ‘the hunt’ with a balanced approach of respect for your well-being and a clear focus on the highest intention for everyone with whom you engage… People will notice that about you!

Business isn’t just about survival and as Little Fox would have been taught by ‘wise mentors’, it also pays to maintain quality of life with awareness, appreciation and attention, not only for survival but for sustainability.

Awareness of your strengths, appreciation of your skills and attention to detail, creates sustainable action and quality results.


Karelynne is the founder of MBL Consultancy where Personal Development is recognised as the #1 asset for business success because who you are is incredibly influential in your business. She works with leaders in education and business to identify strengths to help them ‘stand out in the marketplace. MBL’s unique methodology blends cutting-edge, values-based strategies to help improve how you feel personally and elevate the way you think professionally… creating long-lasting change to rapidly transform the quality of your life and business.

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