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MBL business coaching promotes employee engagement, enhances professional achievement and helps you grow a thriving organisational culture.

Personal and professional growth can be held back by some values (beliefs and attitudes.) Your values were previously formed for good reason, and unknowingly, may limit your opportunities.

To move beyond limiting belief-boundaries, leaders and their teams can engage in MBL’s unique practice to identify your deeply personal and motivational values as… ‘Signature Strengths®.

MBL’s coaching style delivers ‘a new edge’ to management and leadership with the ingenious Signature Strengths® process and 4MAT framework. Together, Karelynne and I examined in detail, what I was currently doing that brought out the best in my team, and then created a suite of new approaches that helped me move my performance forward and upward. The process also helped me rediscover why I love leading my team of 40 professional staff.”

Irene Maya – Senior Manager-The Benevolent Society –  Australia.

MBL’s strategies help employees align their personal values with organisational values. Values transfer is facilitated by the use of the CCS Cards; a remarkable tool that helps elicits tactic knowledge and assists collaborative communication.

‘Who you are personally, greatly influences how you are professionally.’

How good you feel about who you are is critical to confidence, and Signature Strengths® coaching is one of the most strategic ways to improve confidence and competence.

LauraRuizI highly valued Karelynne’s expertise in facilitating our team building and strategy day. The experience was thought-provoking and inclusive for all practice members.
Laura Ruiz | Director-RM Chartered Accountants

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