The Signature Strengths® Performance Program

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What is The Signature Strengths® Performance Program (SSPP) and how do Signature Strengths help you and your business flourish?

This distinctive stake-holder centred professional performance program is conducted over 3, 6 or 9 weeks.

Leaders and Team Members …

  • Identify strengths to enhance wellbeing and professional performance
  • Improve talent retention with a collaborative approach to Supervision and Performance Review
  • Implement continuous improvement to sustain productivity, enhance career opportunities and increase profit.

Signature Strengths® are an exceptionally valuable, underutilised resource that you already own! They’re your identified core values used as ‘drivers’ for wellbeing, professional productivity and organisational profit.

MBL’s distinctive processes help identify your unique strengths and those of your team.

They activate powerful COMMUNICATION, improve COLLABORATION and enable CHANGE.

Your Business Triangle

Business owners, leaders and managers are able to retain quality employees by identifying untapped strengths to unleash potential. New-found strengths support sustainable continuous improvement, facilitate achievement of commercial objectives and increase client engagement.

The benefits:

    • Wellbeing – alleviates workplace stress and absenteeism
    • Productivity – inspires innovation and performance
    • Profitreduces  costs and increases financial gain.

All aspects are measurable and report-able at Performance Review.

MBL’s strengths coaching helps align personal and organisational values to create a compelling workplace.

Business leaders acknowledge when employee strengths are identified, Key Results Areas improve and peak performance is profitable.


  “Karelynne’s strengths-based program increases individual proficiency and team engagement.”    

Laura Ruiz & Associates – Chartered Accountants


The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC)  recognised the value of MBL’s work in National Financial Literacy Training.

“My intention and accountability is to see your business change and grow from transactional to transformational.”   Karelynne Randall

Are you a progressive leader who wants to elevate productivity and improve business growth?

Perhaps, it’s time to talk about how  The Signature Strengths® Performance Program can help you achieve your desired results.

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We believe in your achievement and sustainable results. If you’re committed to work through MBL’s processes and not satisfied with your results, we’ll gladly refund your money.