The Signature Strengths® Performance Program

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What is The Signature Strengths® Performance Program?
How can Signature Strengths assist you and your employees?
What if, identifying these strengths helped your business flourish?

Distinctive values-based, developmental coaching helps business leaders grow a thriving workplace culture; supporting recruitment, engagement and staff retention.

Signature Strengths® are a valuable, yet underutilised resource that you and your employees already own! They’re your core values that the MBL process aligns with company values, applies as ‘drivers’ for wellbeing, productivity and KPI’s for profit.

Exceptional leaders acknowledge the benefits of leading with strengths, and appreciate the importance of identifying strengths in others.

What might not identifying this rich employee resource, be costing you?

The Signature Strengths® Performance Program (S.S.P.P.)

  • Identifies strengths – acknowledges potential, alleviates workplace stress and reduces absenteeism
  • Enhances self-leadership –  inspires innovation, appreciates performance and acknowledges productivity
  • Implements continuous improvement –  respecting the potential for enhanced performance and celebrates results

The program is particularly supportive and encouraging of, collaborative conversation at Supervision and Performance Review.

Duration:  3 – 6  week implementation of this personalised 1:1, coaching continuum supports sustainability and your R.O.I.

MBL’s strategies help identify your unique strengths and those of your team; activating powerful COMMUNICATION, improved COLLABORATION and capacity for, transformational CHANGE.



Your Business Triangle

For leadership coaching and management skills I selected MBL. Karelynne and I worked through her ingenious Signature Strengths® process to lead my team of 40 professional staff. I highly recommend Karelynne and her coaching style to those seeking a new edge, in management and leadership endeavors.
Irene Maya – Senior Manager-Australian Not For Profit Charity.

“My intention is to see your business change and grow from transactional, to transformational.”   Karelynne Randall

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) have recognised  MBL’s values-based performance enhancement.

Make time to confidentially discuss how  The Signature Strengths® Performance Program can help you achieve desired results.

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We believe in your achievement and sustainable results. If you’re committed to MBL’s processes and not satisfied with your results, your fee will be refunded.