MBL in Education


 MBL Consultancy’s distinctive learning strategies and transformational programs empower educators who empower students and supports parents who want to empower their children.

Our coaching is based on true rapport – the essential trust and responsiveness required for positive personal development and productive learning engagement.

We honour parents as the ‘first educators’ of your children.

We help ‘learners and teachers’ move beyond limitations… from angst to achievement!

MBL’s innovative strategies help parents and educators engage children in rich learning experiences to  become curious, independent learners who achieve personal, social and academic success…. sustaining your child’s wellbeing.

DrBrianCambourne“I’ve spent many hours observing Karelynne’s teaching. She has an amazing (almost intuitive) ability to convince students that they can change their educational aspirations!”
Assoc. Prof. (Dr) Brian Cambourne

Self-confidence and capability is increased because your child is motivated by quality teaching strategies. Specific NLP language patterns are used to engage and accelerate learning and The Compatibility Communication System (CCS) helps identify values (Signature Strengths) and makes communication easy.

MBL’s education programs support adults, young people and children to flourish:


The Literacy Breakthrough Experience

Is your child having less than productive learning experiences because of insufficient reading skills, poor spelling and limited writing ability? Our unique Literacy Breakthrough Experience may be just what’s needed to help achieve the results you desire for your child.


Transformational Change

As parents we appreciate that ‘navigating’ through teen years is challenging but that need not be difficult for them or you.


Parent Support Workshop

Our parent support workshops are ‘conversational forums’ to focus on the importance of communication and consistency.


Study Skills and Exam Breakthrough

A unique academic breakthrough coaching program, personalised to have you in charge of a productive study schedule and structured exam approach.



FCR - MBLC web“Karelynne, you are an extraordinary educator. You bring out the best in people.”
Fr. Chris Riley | CEO & Founder-Youth Off The Streets


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