The Literacy Breakthrough Experience™


The Literacy Breakthrough Experience™ is transformational because Language and Literacy are a highly valued skills that support a child’s total well-being, their ability to communicate and their capability to achieve.

As parents, I acknowledge you care deeply about your children’s personal development, social-emotional stability and educational achievement.

Sometimes learning isn’t easy and what if learning could be easier?

When children are able to fully engage in their educational environment, listening, speaking, reading and writing is meaningful.

This attitude makes learning purposeful, enjoyable and self-confidence increases.

Is your child being held-back because of insufficient reading skills, poor spelling and limited writing ability?

Perhaps they’re confidence is compromised and they’re…

• Over-emotional, frustrated or withdrawn.
• ‘Acting out’ because of low self-esteem or not coping.
• Identified as ‘hard to teach’, ‘not ready’ or ‘just doing their best.’

You’re right to be concerned and this doesn’t need to continue.

How might you feel to see your child feeling positive about life and learning?

The Literacy Breakthrough Experience is delightful! It makes learning enjoyable, transition to high school easier and academic progress sustainable.

Partner with your child to experience their significant emotional transformation and academic achievement.

The Literacy Breakthrough Experience™ includes:

  • A complimentary Parent Consultation to support your child with strategies, boundaries and expectations.
  • ‘Literacy Interview’; a child-centred , reading/writing evaluation
  • Identified personal values. These are what MBL calls ‘Signature Strengths®. These are your child’s innate ‘drivers’ for success
  • ‘Temporary Spelling’ to stop the struggle with spelling and make writing easier!
  • ‘Portfolio of Achievement’ to indicate and acknowledge personal progress
  • ‘Literacy Gallery Event’ for your child to showcase their achievements with pride.
Karelynne is an educator, coach and certified Master Neurolinguistic Practitioner who has a wealth of experience and well-documented success in educational practice, to support your child’s educational engagement.

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Would you like to know more about how The Literacy Breakthrough Experience could transform your child’s wellbeing and achievement?

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