NERVES OF STEEL Strength for change

Is career change on your agenda?

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WE LOVE ‘THE GONG!’ It’s a statement we often see in the media and it’s probably true for the majority of ‘Illawarrians.’

We’re proud, strong, resilient and resourceful in the face of change. We work hard and that’s an admirable ethic, isn’t it.

So why do we struggle when identifying our strengths can develop mental toughness and make managing change in employment easier?

Some say job security is a ‘comfort zone’ and I acknowledge moving out of that is scary. Let’s go with that for a moment. You might agree comfort and security feels good, and we do seek a sense of belonging and achievement. Actually, security is only temporary and always a work in progress. Facing career change isn’t necessarily about ‘fault’ and you can decide to view it as an opportunity.

Don’t get me wrong… I respect change is challenging, I acknowledge life can be tough and I’ll trust you agree that… So are you!

Life and work challenges taught me that combining valuable emotions from a hard work ethic with transferable skills, made employment transition realistic, achievable and easier.

I’m a ‘Girl of The Gong’ with four generations of family working in the ‘Steel Works’ or associated industries. I’ve lived here for over fifty years, working in retail, hospitality, education, training and self-employment.

As child, I remember a night-time treat was to park along Five Islands Road, watching in awe at the red-hot coke pouring out of the coke ovens, the white-hot steel rolling through the mills and seeing the vapour rising from the smouldering slag-heaps as we drove home.

That’s my image of hard work and those scenes are a strong model of toughness…

‘A personality trait that everyone has to varying degrees but those people with increased mental toughness are more likely to achieve career success.’

It’s your life-experiences that have helped form your values; the attitudes, beliefs and emotions that become the strengths to help transfer knowledge, develop skills and capitalise on opportunities.

Today in the Illawarra, we’re faced with new changes and new challenges. Construction changes the landscape like ‘Transformers’, morphing new places to live and work. Suburbs expand to offer new living environments and different life-styles for families and community. So much change but… you’re from The Gong, you’ve got nerves founded on steel and more than enough strength for change!

Change Thinking

Our current jobs were born of change and the transformation you can make now will prepare you well for your next job-role or employment opportunity. When you acknowledge your strengths, respect your worth and agree it’s time to be and do differently, change is easier and less stressful.

Change in work-opportunity is world-wide and doesn’t need to be so stressful because identifying the strength of your ‘Emotional Intelligence is the strongest predictor of performance, explaining a full 58% of success in all types of jobs.’

Dr Travis Bradbury-
What if you decide the combined power of emotional intelligence and transferable skills will help you to manage employment transition well and stand out in the crowd?

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If we’re clever — and you are — you’ll choose to blend your Intelligence with Emotional Intelligence to move from struggle to strength, because ‘mental toughness’ helps you manage change, past any emotions that are not serving you and your future,  and as quickly as possible you’ll move forwrd, using all your strengths.

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About Karelynne Randall and MBL Consultancy:

Who might you choose to guide you with your career change? Why might that someone be considered right, safe and good to help you resolve confusion, alleviate concerns and help to realise your vision?

Ari Galper, the world’s #1 authority on trust-based selling says you’d talk to someone you see as a ‘TRUSTED AUTHORITY.’ That’s why MBL Consultancy shares over 3O years’ experience in helping IDENTIFY STRENGTHS TO DRIVE YOUR ACHIEVEMENT, personally and professionally.

I’m Karelynne Randall, a Results Specialist and Founder of MBL Consultancy— all about ‘Moving Beyond Limitations.’

My dedication to quality of life and work is founded in the Illawarra… a haven of natural beauty, cultural diversity, opportunity and pure potentiality!

Simon Sinek says: ‘Leaders may inspire, but only when the people decide to act does your vision become a movement.’

I believe if you’re thinking about ‘moving beyond limitations’… perhaps now, you’re ready for that conversation.
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