Language for Influence

How would it feel to elevate the effectiveness of your communication with a new level of ‘Language for Influence’, because you’ve identified your Signature Strengths® ?

You can identify language deep in your subconscious; language that is already yours and is, as yet unexplored. Realising a wealth of language has every potential to create effective, engaging communication and revolutionise client engagement. 

‘Language for Influence’ creates genuine rapport and strong, sustainable business relationships!

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‘Our consultation with Karelynne about how ‘Language for Influence’ could improve our business, gave us insight into her sophisticated strategies. We aligned the essence of our values to elevate the impact of words, images and colour in our business message, to transform the expression of our client services.’

Owen Curtis | Manager |  Self-Management Solutions Owen Curtis




MBL helps you express your Point Of Difference when together we identify your core-values and associated language, to become a powerful influence on all communication.

You can access a new level of marketing options, employee engagement and client satisfaction because your expressive communication.

Knowing how to choose language that engages your audience helps ‘get your message across.’ Comfortable, confident communication can open the client’s mind to subconsciously question, seek connection and find solutions within your business.

“The quality of your conversation, determines the quality of your rapport, relationships and business results.”
Assoc. Prof. Michael Cavanagh | Dep. Director, Coaching Psychology Unit, University of Sydney.

Scripts, systems and processes are an important start to be comfortable with client conversations and maintain business relationships.

Language for Influence creates a gateway to client engagement because your choice of language will establish genuine rapport and strengthen business relationships.

MBL coaching processes and strategies are designed in consultation with Business Leaders and Teams to support business growth.

Call now to talk about how we can work together to use Language for Influence, to grow your business.

MBL’s 100% money back guarantee is because we believe that when you’re committed to a process of improvement, it’s measurable and sustainable.