The Timeline Journey-Identifying Signature Strengths®

The Timeline Journey helps you reflect and appreciate how core values can become your Signature Strengths®. It activates the power of your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and strengthens your capability (IQ).

Signature Strengths® facilitate your ‘WHY.’ 

They are the ‘drivers’ for who you are, and how you want to be.


“The Timeline Journey helped me realise the importance of my values from infancy to now, and how these strengths transfer to positively affect the rest of my life!”
Janaya Fenech | Educator  2018


MBL’s practice is based on the work of Sociologist Morris Massey to help you understand how your values were formed, and that they can and do change according to life experiences. Values (attitudes and beliefs) are formed when you experience ‘Significant Emotional Events’ (SEE) throughout life.  Some of those attitudes and beliefs are ‘old patterns’ and really no longer applicable, or of any positive advantage to your life now.


Discovering your strengths through the Timeline Journey is part of an effective, non-judgemental, conversation that doesn’t dwell on negative detail of the past, because you know your story.

The process bears witness to your positive values, helping you clarify whether past attitudes and beliefs actually serve you now.

Most importantly you realise strengths that were present prior to any negative or ‘interruptive’ life event. Knowing that, you can take control of your emotions and unleash your Signature Strengths®, to be of personal and professional advantage.

Potential: Let your strengths be the ‘drivers’ in your life and business!

Who you are and want to be deserves to be acknowledged, appreciated and respected as you choose to move beyond attitudes and beliefs that may have limited you, until now.

Massey’s Developmental Periods – where your values are formed…

Age (years) Period
0-7 *Imprint
7-14 Modelling period
14-21 Socialisation period
21-35+ Business Persona


Scientific research states that attitudes and beliefs have a significant effect on our wellbeing and knowing more about that, can be life-changing!

So what might it be like for you to discover your  Signature Strengths® to be even more ‘in charge’ about how you feel, what you do and who you want to be?

Honour yourself and your potential to move beyond any limitation. Call to make a time to chat about  your ‘Personal and Professional Breakthrough Experience.’