Values Based Education

Values Based Education (VBE) benefits Communication, Collaboration and Change.

Personal wellbeing, financial management, educational outcomes and professional productivity are strongly influenced by values.

VBE incorporates identifying your distinctive, core-values (attitudes and beliefs); these are what MBL® calls, your Signature Strengths®.  

These innate strengths are the catalyst to be your personal ‘drivers.’ They set you on the journey and support you to move away from unhelpful patterns, unleash potential and feel confident about who you are and what you do… now that’s liberating!

Signature Strengths™ 'drive' your wellbeing and achievement.

Allow your Signature Strengths to ‘drive’    wellbeing and achievement.


Values Based Education has a profound influence on your quality of life,  productivity and professional growth .

Experience progress, proficiency and profit in moving:

    • Confusion to clarity and self-direction
    • Resistance and or reaction to *response-ability… yes, it’s real word and it indicates an exceptionally valuable, personal and professional quality; essential to being receptive and being open to learn to positively respond and excel in who you are and what you do.
    • Uncertainty to being decisive with confidence

When your strengths are positioned as emotional ‘drivers’ they call to action desirable characteristics that influence continuous improvement and profitable results.

  • What is it that’s getting in the way of your wellbeing and achievement?
  • How much might the positive impact of Values Based Education be worth to your personal wellbeing and professionally?
  • What if, when you identify and apply your Signature Strengths® as ‘drivers’, you profit your education and business?

You’re right, making the change… could be priceless.

“For the skills I’ve learned to ‘move beyond  limitations’ and achieve, I’m eternally grateful .”    Karelynne Randall
The Australian Securities and Investment Commission [ASIC] have acknowledged the value of Karelynne’s work in National Financial Literacy Training.