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Personal Development

The YOUNG PEOPLE’S Signature Strengths® Program

Supporting Student Re-Engagement – from Struggle to Strength – Angst to Achievement!

Disengagement is a ‘behaviour’ that often limits potential. Sometimes it’s involuntary, subconscious, or conscious. Sometimes loud, or quiet.

What we now know, is that all behaviour has a cause, a reason, and that is what deserves address.”  Karelynne Randall.

The Young People’s program is rapport-based, to nurture Student Voice and Agency, and restorative by encouraging ownership over choices, and design of a collaborative Goal Accountability and Achievement Plan (GAP).

The plan is designed to build ‘response-ability’, by addressing barriers to learning, and strengthening student outcomes. (In alignment with Independent Plans (IP), Quality Differentiated Teaching Plans (QDTP) and Indigenous students’ Personalised Learning Plans.)

MBL’s foundational practice addresses ‘cause’ towards, resolution and practical solution. I acknowledge the immediate and long-term effects of Adverse Childhood/Life Experiences (ACEs) and the benefits of identifying an individual’s Signature Strengths®. These are positive values formed during Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs), and can be profoundly supportive of health, wellbeing, and progress.

Signature Strengths® identification positions positive core values as ‘motivational drivers’ to support clarity in decision-making, and transformational change.

I work individually with students, alongside professionals in schools, and in private practice with families, to facilitate personal development, educational engagement, academic progress, and achievement.

Together we:

  • Collaborate during personalised coaching, to facilitate expression of challenges.

Using the *CCS cards makes it easier to say what I’m thinking; sometimes things I didn’t realise I could say! I can identify the feelings that I want to move away from, and those I want to move towards, because that’s who I really want to be.” Carl 16

  • Identify Signature Strengths® to help expression of ‘student voice and develop agency’, towards resolution of challenges and concerns.

“Ms. Randall, thank you for your support during my final years at school, teaching me the importance of resilience, and especially helping me know that my challenges don’t define me.” James 17

  • Develop a Goal Accountability and Achievement Plan (GAP), to support response-ability, and promote self-leadership.

The ‘ladder’ in my ‘G.A.P.’ helped me make specific decisions, ‘one step at a time’ because I could focus on clear communication, to collaborate with teachers and make new friends. I can see I am adaptable to change, and I know how I can be heard.” Trent 15

When students hear…

I believe you know more than you think you do, and I believe you can do more than you think you can … an innate connection to self-belief and curiosity, can occur. Acknowledgement and appreciation, can mean the world to a young person!

Let’s collaborate to develop healthy individuals, create

life-long learning, and more opportunities for young people!

*The Communication Compatibility System (CCS cards) are visual imagery to facilitate student expression.

*The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs) questionnaires are available upon speaking with your health professionals.

*References: Dr. Vincent Felitti MD – USA; The Kaiser Permanente Study and Dr. Brian Alman – PhD – USA.


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Professional Growth

THE PROFESSIONAL’S Signature Strengths® Program

For those who seek to move beyond (perhaps unidentified) barriers, causing limitations that impose upon role performance and, career advancement.

Through Signature Strengths® identification, we explore potential barriers to progress. We then focus on transfer of personal values, to align with organisational values, to improve productivity and enhance access to desired career pathways.

‘The secret of effectiveness is to understand the people you work with, so you can make use of their strengths.’
Peter Drucker – Harvard Business School.

It’s my mission, to help people benefit from understanding what values are, and how they work, to become decisive about discarding misplaced or unproductive values.

Values are feelings, attitudes, and beliefs, formed during significant life events.

Together, without blame or shame, we acknowledge that some items in a ‘values collective’ may not be so positive, and no longer be of service. Together, we focus on identifying productive values that originate from Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs), to become your motivational, Signature Strengths®.

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‘When problems arise, 9/10 the cause is not knowing how values work.
The solution is, to acknowledge the strength of positive values, and realise the benefits.’ Karelynne Randall

Acknowledging and applying the strength of your values, is a delightful way to:

Build self-awareness and nurture wellbeing
Increase self-belief to improve self-confidence, and
Strengthen self-leadership, to enhance clarity of decision-making in the workplace.,

Not so well-known, or widely recognised are the lasting effects of Significant Emotional Events (S.E.E. Prof. Morris Massey-sociologist) and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs – Dr. Vincent Felitti – MD – The Kaiser Permanente Study). Neurological patterns created in response to ACEs, can form deeply entrenched, subconscious and, unhelpful reactionary patterns.

*What I want you to know to your benefit,  is that Your Signature Strengths® were present long before any intrusive, interruptive, or traumatic life-events. They are your innate, positive, core-values and when identified as long-standing strengths, they can be the catalyst to a breakthrough experience of wellbeing, performance improvement, and achievement.

In working personally with you, or with teams, individual Signature Strengths® are identified, establishing more about ‘who you are, and all you can be personally and professionally‘.

“74.% of workers who said their workplace’s investment in caring for their
wellbeing was “just right” were high in thriving.” Michelle McQuaid.

MBL’s customised coaching continuum delivers individualised support, to help you and/or your employees, move beyond personal and professional challenges.

When working with organsiational leaders, MBL incorporates the leading-edge strategies of Neurolinguistic Programming.

“NLP May Be The Most Powerful Vehicle For Change In Existence!” Modern Psychology.


Speaking - My Story | Your Story | Our Story™… Time To Speak!

‘Why We Are, Who We Are!’

  • Today is the first day of the rest of my life, your life, and our lives.
  • To seek why you are who you are, and decide how you choose to be, matters.
  • To move away from secrets, to survival and strength, is to transform fear to flourishing!

‘Moving Beyond Limitations’ is a mantra of choice.

 One that can be exceptionally supportive, during a life-long journey of positive self-discovery, healing, and achievement. An intriguing, journey of important discovery, helping me realise ‘why and how, I am who I am, and how I can choose to be!’

‘My Story’ is not all about me. That wouldn’t be purposeful or productive!

  • I speak in truth, with sincerity and sensitivity, no self-blame or shame, and never to deny accountability.
  • I speak to create ‘a force for awareness and action’ towards change in how society values and supports healthy child development.
  • I speak to help protect and empower people to liberate themselves; the unborn, the newborns, children, young people and adults, who may unknowingly live with interrupted neurology, and patterns of unhelpful, limiting beliefs, learned through the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences. (ACEs)
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I share my story, because together with greater awareness, we can facilitate positive, holistic, healthy development of individuals. These are the children and adults (you, me, and others), who deserve to ‘thrive personally and flourish professionally.’

As an audience, you will enter into the world of a child who bore the impact, and weight in consequences of ACEs, that formed deeply ingrained values (feelings, attitudes, and beliefs), causing extreme hyper-vigilance, persistent subconscious ‘struggle’ to thrive and limitations to flourish.

I had never considered myself as being a child victim of Domestic Violence, physical or emotional abuse. Incessant manipulation and fear, subconsciously disallowed any thought that would alienate my intense desire to ’belong.’ That was, until I sought professional help to learn, discover and be acknowledged, for all that I needed, and deserved to make sense of ‘why I am, who I am.’ Time reveals truth.

Karelynne, I don’t know how you’re sane.’ PH – Psychologist.

For so long, even though I have achieved and I wholeheartedly acknowledge my PCEs, I had been living with unrealised limitations, those that placed significant stressors on my mental health, physical wellbeing, and personal relationships.

I am a fierce advocate of abuse prevention. I acknowledge the evidence of ACEs, and a I’m a determined promoter of PCEs, in support of Post Traumatic Growth.

Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs) are what MBL identifies as your Signature Strengths®. They are the positive core values that have kept me alive despite some overwhelming challenges, and by choice, they are the reason I thrive!

“We deserve not to be what happened to us,

we deserve to be what we wish to become.”
Carl Jung.

My legacy in speaking, is for society to become more acutely aware of the effects of adverse experiences upon our children, young people and even as adults, with the highest intention to help heal and live with deserved wellbeing.

Publication: ‘Gremlins of The Mind’ – Dr. Lindsay Duncan-Psych., Sally’s Story (pseudonym) is an excerpt of my story and one aspect of pervasive ACEs.

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