A Signature Strengths® Experience

Welcome to MBL® and your Signature Strengths® Experience where you’ll explore the premise, purpose and potential of your Signature Strengths, and how to use them to ‘Move Beyond Limitations!

  • Did you know you actually own a highly valuable, yet undiscovered resource of positive qualities that could be transformational?
  • Are you aware your identified strengths could be a catalyst to enrich your self-leadership and a support you to better manage change? And…
  • Do you realise these attributes are transferable to help you be even more confident and move from functioning well, to absolutely flourishing?

These resources are your personal Signature Strengths® and now you can take 3 practical steps to improve your wellbeing and professional achievement. Engaging in this experience, will capitalise on your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) , to enhance your skills development.

Sociologist Morris Massey says your strengths are the very reason you’ve come so far to date, and the degree of your achievement can be enhanced by knowing how to unleash more of your potential to explore boundless possibilities.

“To change your results in life and work, you must, and you can change your Mindset.” 

Christopher Howard | CEO & Wealth Strategist

This process will help you become aware of your distinctive Signature Strengths®. These are your positive core-values (attitudes and beliefs) formed through the experience of significant emotional events in your life (S.E.E).

Now, you might all agree, and you’re right. Some events (S.E.E) can leave us a little, or a lot ‘worse for wear.’ Neuroscience states that the subconscious and conscious memory of these negative events, can cause us to remain ‘in effect’ of pre-occupying, interruptive or absolutely traumatic life events; limiting our wellbeing and potential.

“Our genetic heritage (and life experience) endows each of us with a series of emotional set-points… and that does not have to be our destiny.”
Daniel Goleman-Psychologist | New York Times Mindfulness

What’s liberating is that we know you can re-ignite the strength of your early positive values, and dedicate that Emotional Intelligence (EQ), as a catalyst in your personal and professional life… to make the best of who you are and what you do, easily.

This 3 STEP Experience will guide you towards a shift in mindset and help you manage challenges, with ease.

Congratulations on your commitment to explore The Signature Strengths® Experience!

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If at any time, you’d like clarity about the exercises, please know you’re most welcome to reach out.

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