A Signature Strengths® Experience

Welcome to MBL® and your Signature Strengths® Experience where you’ll explore the premise, purpose and potential of your Signature Strengths, and how you can use them to ‘Move Beyond Limitations’, in both your personal and professional life!

This introductory experience is usually $150 and now, FREE TO YOU.

  • Would you like to reclaim this highly valuable, yet undiscovered resource?
  • Are you aware your strengths can be a catalyst for greater self-leadership and change-management? And…
  • What if you acknowledged that these newfound attributes are transferable to help you and move from functioning, to absolutely flourishing?

These 3 practical steps can influence your wellbeing and professional achievement. It’s quite delightful!

“To change your results in life and work, you must, and you can change your Mindset.”  Christopher Howard | Wealth Strategist

Now, you’re right. Some events (S.E.E) can leave us a little, or a lot ‘worse for wear.’ Neuroscience states that the subconscious memory of these negative events, can cause us to remain ‘in effect’ of pre-occupying, interruptive or absolutely traumatic life events; limiting our wellbeing and potential.

“Our genetic heritage (and life experience) endows each of us with a series of emotional set-points… and that does not have to be your destiny.”
Daniel Goleman-Psychologist

What’s delightfully liberating, is that you can re-ignite the strength of your positive values, and dedicate that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to be positively ‘at cause’ in life; making the very best of who you are, easily..

Congratulations on your commitment to The Signature Strengths® Experience!

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