Testimonials for Karelynne Randall and MBL®


MBL… all about Moving Beyond Limitations™!


“Karelynne has such a deep and personal understanding of the effect of trauma and of overcoming the negativity that would crush a less robust soul. I believe that she has taken her NLP expertise to a whole new level and in so doing, created a unique and enormously valuable resource for facilitating positive and productive behavioural change.DrSueCurtis

She takes the concept of behavioural transformation and holds the space for people to see a world of possibilities; to make self-empowering and positive choices personally and professionally.

Her steadfastness in supporting people to make a positive change is profoundly resilient and she’s prepared to invest enormously in anyone who chooses to acknowledge her skills and capabilities.”

Dr Sue Curtis| PhD, M. Stud. Ed, B.Ed., CAHRI | Principal Partner of Self-Management Solutions: www.selfmanagementsolutions.com.au

“Karelynne is an amazing woman with a very big mission and a spirit and enthusiasm for changing the way we educate society at every level. She is
gifted and the world is blessed as a result of her commitment to share that gift!”
Christopher Howard | Social Entrepreneur
“I’ve spent many hours observing Karelynne’s teaching. She has an
amazing (almost intuitive) ability to convince students that they can change their educational aspirations!”
Assoc. Prof. (Dr) Brian Cambourne _ University of Wollongong
“I highly valued Karelynne’s expertise and approach in facilitating
our team building and strategy day. The experience meant that as business owners we could participate as one of the team.”
Laura Ruiz | Director-RM Chartered Accountants
“Karelynne, you are an extraordinary educator. You bring out the best in people.”

Fr. Chris Riley | CEO & Founder-Youth Off The Streets Ltd.

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“I always believed I would achieve my goals and working with Karelynne, I now realise how important it’s been to identify ‘old patterns’ that were getting in the
way of what I wanted to do. I don’t need those patterns any more and I’ve achieved my goals.”
Catherine Miller | Miller’s Bookkeeping

JanPayne“Identifying the language of my professional values will assist to attract my client base and enhance my business profile.”

Jan Payne | Naturopathic Herbalist and Wellness Practitioner.

OwenCurtis“Karelynne’s sophisticated strategies increase the impact of words, images and colour to explore, transform and apply client values. Her unique ability to re-frame ideas with particular vocabulary truly enhance effective communication.”

Owen Curtis | Principal Partner, Self-Management Solutions