Young People’s Signature Strengths® Program

The Young People’s Signature Strengths® Program can be transformational.

Signature Strengths are your innate core-values, present long before any ‘interruptive’ or traumatic life-event. The distinctive, and delightful process is personalised to assist Young People identify and re-apply their best values (feelings, attitudes and beliefs).

This engaging 6-step experience is facilitated with the CCS Cards; a remarkable visual stimulus that helps you tap into tacit knowledge — everything you know that you don’t have words for, or can’t find the words for.

It’s a delightful catalyst for supportive and sustainable, transformational-behavioural-change. The process helps clarify beliefs to enhance self-awareness, nurtures self-leadership and allows for better decision-making in challenging times.

You might agree, clear-thinking can be demanding and isn’t always easy. The pressure can happen at times when you’re already feeling confused, frustrated and overwhelmed…  resulting in anger, anxiety and /or depression.

It takes great courage and resilience to overcome these all too-common results; and what’s do-able with strengths identification, is that you discover (or re-discover) how to be ‘response-able’  with powerful qualities that unleash the best of who you are, and can be.

So let’s consider…

What if challenge and change didn’t have to be that difficult?

“I believe you have the intelligence and capacity to be, do, and have all you desire, and you have every right to experience how to change the way you feel and strengthen your way forward to… move beyond any limitation.”       

Karelynne Randall – Coach | Signature Strengths® Facilitator  | Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner

Your wellbeing and success has a lot to do with your self-talk, because it’s how you decide to think, that creates your ‘mindset.’ Based on your strengths, you can learn how to change your mindset and your emotional state, to increase your ability to adapt and thrive.

“Everyone has a need to Communicate and be heard. You’re are at your very best when you can Collaborate, and you can excel when you can best manage Change.”    Karelynne Randall

For a moment, let’s talk about ‘what is change?’ We know it’s natural, certain and constant yet, no-one can make us change. Change is often seen as external and yet, the strength of your capability to manage change is internal.

Your Signature Strengths® are innate, unique and diverse. They change and grow according to life-experience. You’ll notice how they can help create a paradigm shift to influence your response-ability, your resilience and how they can help make communication easier.

Change is transformational because it takes place over time. You’ll notice the difference in your wellbeing, your ability to achieve and these positive changes will be noticed by others because…

You have ‘Pure Potentiality!’

In The  YOUNG PEOPLE’S  Signature Strengths® Program you’ll:

  • Identify core values to increase confidence, competence and motivation
  • Determine a crystal-clear plan to become a powerfully-functioning adult, making the most of life’s opportunities.
  • Discover ‘Language for Influence’ to maximise your personal expression about what you want and can do, to support you now and in your future .

The strength of your ‘Personal Branding’ will help you decide how you want to…


“Where attention goes, energy flows!” Albert Einstein

I believe in young people’s pure potentiality. The origin of my values-based work was with those considered to be ‘most traumatised, troubled and hardest to teach.’ It has proven to be empowering and transformational… as it can be for you.

Consider the quality of life you desire and deserve, and think about how life might be.

Program Design:

  • Individual
  • Family-centered or
  • School-based programs designed in consultation with Education Leaders, tailored for personal development and educational outcomes.

Please note: Every Young Person engaging in the program receives an ‘MBL Strengths Kit™’, with a  workbook and Communication Compatibility System®-CCS Card visuals, to sustain your personal growth.

Your initial consultation is complimentary and confidential; so let’s  talk about how MBL® might be the catalyst to help your Young People ‘Move Beyond Limitations™.’

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